What Kori’s students are saying…

I have been working with Kori for more than a year. She has brought strength to my serve and strategy to my game. Her coaching is positive and direct, and she listens to my needs and concerns and arranges our training to fit. I have experienced her private training, small group lessons, and clinics. I look forward to continuing to improve my game under her coaching.

Megin E.

Kori focuses on teaching and reinforcing the fundamental skills of tennis in a clear, fun, and supportive way. I look forward to our lessons, and I appreciate her emphasis on injury prevention.

Carol V.

Kori is a superb teacher. She has a very calm and approachable style. She also has a very quick and keen eye for picking out the subtle mechanical flaws in your game that allows for very rapid improvement.

Eric S.

Kori is a fantastic coach. I took up tennis in my late twenties and while I played consistently, and improved over the years, she helped me take my game to the next level. I was reluctant to take lessons, but her straight forward approach and focus on keeping it simple was perfect for me. Through focusing on footwork, positioning, and when to strike the ball, I was drilling winners that had previously eluded me in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend Kori.

Rob D.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Kori. I say ‘oops’ a lot when playing, and Kori is the most patient instructor I have ever worked with! She also managed to correct a lifetime of bad serving habits in just one session. I would definitely recommend her to friends; in fact, I already have!

Kate F.

I thoroughly enjoyed my tennis lessons with Kori. She gave helpful advice and kept things fun. I would highly recommend her as a teacher to any tennis player hoping to improve his or her game.

Ericka T.

Good coaching is more than technical stroke guidance, and Kori has an impressive ability to communicate simple suggestions that make a large impact on your game. I highly recommend her even if that means I’ll have to compete to get time with her.

Clinton D.

Kori is absolutely great! I’m a beginner, and she carefully worked on the fundamentals with me, building both my skill level and confidence. She is also a delightful person and is very, very easy to work with. I felt very comfortable with her and am looking forward to resuming our lessons when the school year starts.

Julia P.

One year ago, it would not have been possible for me to actually play competitive tennis! Now I am, and I have Kori to thank! From my first lesson, she has been so patient, supportive, and, most of all, her teaching style and ability to work with various skill levels and age groups have been tremendous in giving me confidence to play.

Llora Z.

Kori Voorhees is a great tennis coach with a positive attitude and a keen eye for proper tennis technique. She provides clear direction on how to adjust my techniques to improve my performance. Lessons are fun, and Kori varies drills, games, and strategy work to keep me engaged and challenged. She customizes each session to address the areas of play that I wish to enhance. I strongly recommend working with Kori if you want to improve your game.

Patsy S.

Kori is a fabulous tennis instructor. She is patient and provides very helpful critiques. Even when there are players of varying ability, Kori is able to provide individualized attention. I would recommend her highly for anyone who wants to improve their game.

Debby T.

With my serve in particular, she is keenly observant and able to watch my serve and break it down into the components that I am not getting quite right, and then help to fix those, improving my overall serving. I always look forward to my group lessons with Kori. Rather than do repetitious drills, Kori plays doubles with our group lesson of three, giving detailed pointers on both strokes and strategy so at the end of an hour lesson I feel that I’ve not only practiced and learned, but that we’ve also played a decent game of tennis. Which for a 2.5 player is a great confidence booster!

Margot S.

I’ve taken group lessons from Kori for over a year, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wants a Professional coach. She is great at analyzing your swing, your footwork, body position, your grip, everything about the game—and she helps to make it all come together in a fun and supportive way! Kori is not only a nice person but a very talented tennis player and coach who you can trust will give you great tennis lessons!

Cathy T.

Kori is an excellent instructor. She will work on all aspects to improve your level of play and is patient. You will have a fun workout! Also, I recommend her for advanced level players who want to play sets.

L. Hahn

Kori is a wonderful tennis instructor. She has the skill to detect where the problem with a stroke is and to fix it with a subtle change. She is also fun to work with! I highly recommend Kori for improving your game. She would make an awesome team coach, too.

Karen S.

When I retired, I decided to take up tennis as a recreational activity. I was fortunate to find Kori through the UW Tennis Center. Having played collegiate tennis, Kori brings a high level of competence to her lessons. I have been able to improve my skills rapidly. Kori focuses on the fundamentals of the game. She is a wonderful teacher who knows just when to provide feedback. During the last few months, I have improved my physical fitness and skill levels a great deal.

Jefferson F.

I had developed many bad habits in my casual playing of tennis, but once I started to take lessons with Kori, my overall technique greatly improved. Kori would tailor each week to meet the needs of a diverse group of players and was able to give individual feedback so each player improved at their own pace. Kori is a patient instructor as well as encouraging, and she challenges you to push yourself. The lessons were not only helpful but very fun.

Kelly M.

Kori Voorhees is a very effective tennis coach. She picks both your strengths and weaknesses to work with in each lesson. Her suggestions are always extremely helpful and her positive attitude really builds confidence.

Annie M.

Kori was extremely receptive to working on the parts of my technique that I felt were the weakest, while also helping me to consider match play strategy. She is supportive but also straightforward, which has given me many tools to improve.

Spenser P.